For your convenience, our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) forum has our customer’s most common questions which are answered right here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.

Q:Can damages caused by our pet be repaired?

A: Damages caused by your pet are very common when it comes to furniture. We specialize in repairing damages such as dog chews, cat scratches and various other types of pet damages. We will provide you with an analysis of the damaged areas and restore the damaged area in no time. Send us photos of the damaged area or schedule a visit with one of our technicians and we’ll provide you an estimate!

Q: I have a table that is showing some wear. What are my options for making this piece look better?

A: There are several ways worn finishes can be repaired. If the wearing is minimal, a new coat of finish can be applied to achieve the desired result of an enhanced appearance. However, if the finish is too badly damaged, the table will most likely need to be stripped and refinished.

Q: What’s the estimated time it takes to repair my furniture? Will I be without my piece of furniture for an extended time?

A: If the damages are minor, we strive to do many repairs while in the comfort of your home to reduce turnaround time. Depending on how severe are the damages, we can restore your piece of furniture in a few hours. However, in severe cases, we must take your furniture to our shop to complete repair.

Q: Will the products used to repair my furniture be safe for my family?

A: We use predominately water-based products which have less odor. In some instances, the repair processes may require the use of more traditional products. In this case, our technician will ensure adequate ventilation or simply complete the job is our shop.

Q: Can I completely restore an old furniture?

A: Yes, a piece of antique furniture can be completely restored to its original condition. Our technician will inspect your piece of furniture, remove any old upholstery, re-enforce the structural framework to improve durability and then re-upholster to your liking.

Q: Can loose and or broker chairs be repaired as strong as if new?

A: Yes, our technician will re-enforce the damaged area. In most cases, the framework becomes more durable and stronger than its original design.

Q: I have damaged antique Griffin chair that belonged to my grandfather. Can I restore its original look by replacing the fabric while maintaining its intended design?

A: Yes, we can re-upholster the chair to hold its original look and preserve the family history. We will maintain the original configuration and appearance consistent with the age of the furniture. See our photo album for samples of our restoration work!

Q: What is wood furniture veneer and can it be repaired?

A: Wood furniture veneer is a thin layer of beautiful wood grain glued tightly to wood that has different properties. Very fine dining room tables and cabinetry are constructed with wood veneers. They can be repaired and the patina of the adjacent wood will be matched by custom blended color combined with French Polishing techniques.

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