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Today is the big day! The day you have been prepping, worrying and stressing about for weeks. Its moving day!

You have carefully wrapped each piece of china, labelled each box, made sure that every item you hold precious has no chance of being broken in possibly the busiest day of your year! You have checked and double checked your to do list, but have you confirmed that your larger items will easily fit into your home? The most common items to cause undue stress during a move are bed frames, dressers, couches, and dining room tables.

There are a few tips that can help you avoid any stuck couches in the door or stairway to your new home!

Moving Furniture Through Stairs NYC TRY A DIFFERENT ANGLE

If you are able to measure the doors of your home before moving day that will be a huge help.  Take notes on the size of the doors, hallways and turns in your new home.  Also noting the measurements of your furniture, either already owned or being purchased, will enable you to make a detailed plan.  Maybe your dining room table will fit perfectly through the front door but won’t make it around the turn into the dining room, but by bringing it through the back door it will be a straight shot into the tables proper place.

Knowing this ahead of time will help you plan out the day!  Once you begin the moving process it can become very stressful to try to figure things out on the spot.   Once your couch is standing on its end blocking the door to your home, stress will start raging its head!

The first thing to try is to attempt different angles. Flip the couch on its head, turn the soft side into the tightest part of the turn, only lift one side at a time!  Don’t forget that furniture of soft materials can be sometimes squeezed in through the door.

Using furniture pads or cardboard under your oversized furniture from the beginning will help the furniture piece to slide much easier and may be the problem solver in your case.


Does the couch you own have removable feet? Do the back pillows come off? Can you remove any parts without breaking the over piece? May current items on the market can be partially disassembled. This is a huge help when moving, it can help lighten the piece as well as take off precious inches that might have otherwise been caught in the door frame or stairway.

Don’t forget to put pieces like legs and feet back on soon, so you don’t end up scratching the floor in your new home!

Fitting Furniture Through DoorsREMOVE DOORS

If you are totally stuck and your oversized piece is clearly getting caught on the door to your home, consider removing the door from its hinges.  This is a quick move, close and latch the door, remove the hinge pins by tapping on the bottom of the hinge pin with a nail.  Safely place the door out of the way and replace when your furniture is through the tough spot. If you have pets or children, maybe make sure they are in a confined location as not to have any escapees during the time the door is removed.

An additional place to gain a bit of space is by removing the door frame.  Over half an inch can be gained by gently removing the frame with a hammer. The frame is easy to place back on the wall with a few small nails. This could lead to small amounts of property damage so this should be a final option.

TRY A WINDOWRemoving Windows

Don’t forget those large windows and balconies when you are moving.  Although without proper help and preparation it could be very dangerous, moving oversized items through open windows and balconies could be the only option for you.  This should only be tried by professional movers with training, experience and tools to properly complete the task.

CALL A TECHNICIAN Furniture Repair Technician

If you are already hired a moving company for your move, let them handle the situation!  Professional movers will more than likely know exactly what needs to be done.  They will also have the man-power already on site to help figure out the best course of action.

If you are still in a situation where your couch is stuck on the outside of your home  then you’d better turn to the pros. The experts at Mr. Metz know how to move large furniture, dismantle it and assemble it without a scratch or bump in the process.  Give them a call, let them know the size and material of the piece and they will get you an estimate in 12 hours, the job might even be able to be handled same day!


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