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Pets remain one of man’s best companions. They love playing with toys, chewing bones, chewing pieces of wood, and so forth. Unfortunately, the piece of wood being chewed upon by them can be the leg of your table or chair. Your lovely cushion or sofa can even become stained by urine or other bodily fluids. At the end of the day, you are left with damaged furniture or stained fabrics in need of furniture repair or cleaning.
However, no one love to deal with chew marks or stained fabrics. All these can ruin the appearance and structural integrity of the furniture. Luckily, you don’t have to be a professional handyman or furniture repairer to fix your damaged furniture and make the furniture look appealing. If you are having chewed furniture or scratch furniture caused by pets, this post is for you. Here, we will be showing you basic furniture repair tips to help fix the furniture damaged by your pet.

Prep the Damaged Area


The first step to fix your scratched or damaged furniture is to prepare the scratched or damaged area. Using a knife blade, score the affected area by scribing small marks across the chew marks. If you use a blade, protect your fingers by placing masking tape over the blade’s end. With this, you can hold the blade comfortably. Use your thumb and pointer finger to secure the blade firmly. Carefully scrape away any worn edges of wood sticking out from the furniture surface.

Apply Filler

After preparing the damaged area and scraping out the worn edges, the next thing is to mix and apply auto-body filler. When mixing the filler, ensure that you follow the instruction of the manufacturer. Gradually mix the filler to prevent it from drying up immediately.
The majority of auto-body fillers consist of two-part epoxy. Mix it thoroughly on a paper plate or small container using a small putty knife. It only takes about five minutes for each application to dry. Apply the filler on the damaged areas one at a time.

Let It Dry

After covering the chewed or scratched area with enough fillers, leave it to dry. However, don’t leave it to dry for too long. Leaving the filler to harden completely will only make it challenging to carve off the excess. Slice off the extra filler by sliding a knife blade across the surface. This will also help in reshaping the damaged area on the scratch furniture.

Smoothen Out with Sandpaper

Furthermore, smoothen out the filled area using 150-grit sandpaper. Ensure that the edges where the filler meets with the non-damaged area is smooth and well-blended out. To feather your damaged furniture altogether, you can sand some of the undamaged areas. Finish up using the 220-grit sandpaper. This way, you will achieve a smoother, more elegant, more uniform surface.

Fill the Pore Holes

Color the top of the sanded area using wax crayons. Some of the crayons will attach themselves to the wood and the filler. Rub the wax into the smaller pore holes using a thick paper. This can be done using a business card. The thick paper will help push the wax into the irregularities or pore holes. With this, you will be left with a very smooth surface. Run your fingertips lightly over the entire surface. This will help you identify other areas that require more attention.

Add Color


Carefully mix brown-tone acrylic paint. You can add a little white or black if needed to lighten or darken the color, respectively. Colors like yellow, red, or orange can also help achieve the desired wood tone. Any color you apply first will be the base color. Thus, it is advisable to start with a middle tone of the various colors that constitute the finish.
After that, you can mix and apply lighter or darker tones to achieve the desired wood tone. Most importantly, ensure that layer the colors produce a more realistic appearance.

Clear Coat

Finally, your furniture repair process is not complete until you clear the new coat of paint. Once the acrylic paint dries offer, spray some even coats of clear polish over the area. It is advisable to use light coats to ensure that the polish stays. You can start with a sheen which is considerably glossier than what you require.
Once it dries, reduce the sheen by rubbing the area with steel wool until you achieve your desired glossiness. However, try as much as possible not to rub through the clear coat. With this, your furniture will look appealing. Unless you tell someone, hardly will anyone be able to notice the area that was chewed or scratched by your pet.

Protect Your Furniture

Having to carry out furniture repair on your chewed furniture every now and then can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Sooner or later, you may not be able to restore the damaged furniture or stained fabric to its original state. The best thing to do is to protect your furniture against your pets. Below are some tips to help protect your furniture.
• Place several washable throws and slipcovers on your furniture. They will make it easier to remove stains and hairs.
• Apply fabric protector, for instance, aerosol spray. This will prevent the furniture from soiling. You can easily remove stains.
• Discourage your furry friends from playing or sleeping on the bed, cushion, sofa, or armchair by placing protective tapes. You can also spray the furniture with certain smells that will repel the pets.

There you have it! Above are a couple of tips to repair your damaged furniture. Pets are lovely to have. However, they may not be the preferred companion of your living room furniture. By following the tips provided above you can quickly repair any scratch or damage on your furniture caused by your pet.
On a final note, feed your pets with sufficient quantities of quality food and help them maintain good hygiene. Also, supply them with stimulating toys that will intrigue or comfort them. Show them you care by playing with them often. All these will keep them occupied and prevent them from damaging or scratching your beloved, expensive furniture.


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