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After months of searching, countless walk thrus and researching every detail about the neighborhood, your big move to your new home is scheduled! Now you have to begin the exciting process of packing up. So many decisions to be made! Will all your old furniture fit in your new space? Are you downsizing? Or upgrading? Will you be exchanging your black leather loveseat for a microfiber recliner sectional? Will your 4 seat dining room table become a 12 seater oak table with 2 leafs?

Before you begin stressing out, below is a list of tips that can help make your packing and prepping process a breeze!

measure furniture, Measuring tape, Furniture Disassembly, Moving, Moving to a new place, moversMEASURE YOUR FURNITURE TWICE, MOVE ONCE

The best way to prepare for your move is to measure, measure, measure! It’s  important to measure the furniture you already own, the furniture you plan to purchase and the path those pieces will be taking through your new home.

The most common pieces to cause issues during moves are sofas, dining room tables, bed frames and mattresses. If you are purchasing new pieces that are arriving after your move, will those pieces come in cardboard boxes? Or be delivered by company? Measuring the exact height, width, and length of your furniture and noting it on a piece of paper will keep you from any unexpected issues. Bringing this paper with you for the next step will help you decide the best path for each piece.

Once you know the dimensions for each piece, taking the time to measure your future home will be a huge help. Measure the hallways, doorways, and elevators. Check the angles in the intended paths in or out of the home. Note the width of the hall and the staircase if the furniture is going upstairs.

Don’t have a measuring tape? Download free for iPhone here and for Android here.


As you pack, an item many people forget to leave within easy access is their tool kit. Having items such as screwdrivers, hex wrenches and hammers on hand can help if you get in a tight situation with your furniture. It will also be useful if there are any surprising issues within your new home. No one wants to be surprised by a broken towel rack, loose closet door or broken door knob during their first week in a home!

Also being able to hang your photos and decorations soon after moving will help make you and your family feel a bit more settled while boxes are still being unpacked!

Label Box, Box, Moving, Movers, Furniture LABEL EVERY BOX WHEN MOVING TO YOUR NEW HOME!

Taking the time to label each and every box will save you time before and after your move day!

Labels can include details such as the room it should go to, the items within the box, and the fragility of the box. This will speed up your unpacking, especially if you have the items and boxes placed in the room where they eventually will be placed. Also check back with your measurements and confirm that your boxes are all a proper size to fit into your new home. Unlike a sofa, cardboard boxes can not be disassembled, if boxes are opened up outside of your home you run the risk of lost or broken items. After all your hard work to organize all your items, it would be sad to undo all your hard work on your front lawn or in the hallway!

movers, Friends, Move Furniture, Furniture RepairMANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK

If you took the time to make measurements of your home and furniture, you can now make a detailed plan of action!

Will you be moving alone? Will family and friends be helping out? Do they have experience moving and finagling large pieces of furniture? If you get into a tight situation, have several people to help lift and maneuver items.

If you have several large pieces that you know will cause you stress, consider hiring professional movers. Movers can provide a large range of services. If you need help handling all of your boxes and furniture, movers can make the process go quickly and smoothly. If you only are concerned about a select piece, such as a sofa, consider getting a quote from a company that focuses on furniture disassembly and reassembly. These companies can expertly dismantle furniture, move it into the home and reassemble it with no damage to the piece.


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