The most effective method to Disassemble Furniture When Moving: Step-By-Step Guide

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2019)

It is anything but a mystery that the home moving procedure is somewhat costly, so while you’re preparing to move house, you should utilize every single chance to set aside cash.

At this point, you should realize the main 3 different ways to decrease moving costs: 1) procure a minimal effort moving organization, 2) move just the things you intend to use later on, and 3) pack whatever you can without anyone else’s input so you don’t need to contract (get pay) proficient packers to do it for you.

Another great strategy you can use to bring down your moving expenses is to dismantle cumbersome furniture pieces before moving. Along these lines, you won’t need to pay your movers any additional cash for the furniture dismantling administration. In all actuality, it’s neither too simple nor too difficult to even think about disassembling furniture for moving, accordingly you might almost certainly do it without anyone else – in addition to a companion to help you, obviously.

In case you’re extremely genuine about taking a portion of your bulkier furniture pieces and setting aside cash simultaneously, at that point this well ordered furniture dismantling aide will enable you to complete the activity productively and securely, with no harm to your profitable furnishings and without a doubt no close to home wounds of any kind for you or your assistants.

Peruse on to figure out how to dismantle furniture for moving.

What to do before dismantling furniture for a move

Before we give you explicit data about how to dismantle the enormous and cumbersome furniture pieces inside your home, there are a couple of significant things you ought to do in advance to get ready for the furniture dismantling job that needs to be done.

Stage 1. Choose whether moving your cumbersome furniture will be justified, despite all the trouble

Alright, so you’re moving out soon regardless you haven’t decided how to manage your huge furnishings. There isn’t a simple response to this so you’ll have to evaluate your exceptional circumstance and do what’s best for you regarding cash, time and endeavors.

You may wish to move a few, most or all furniture pieces you possess to the new home. Be that as it may, the choice to do as such will cost you great cash because of the colossal load of your huge furniture things. Keep in mind that expert movers will charge you dependent on the absolute load of your shipment (weight is only one of the expense framing factors).

Other than cash, moving overwhelming furniture between two homes will likewise cost you time and vitality. Computations demonstrate that it’s regularly less expensive to buy new furniture things upon entry than to pull old ones the nation over. It’s simpler and progressively viable as well.

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Stage 2. Measure entryways and furniture things

Fortunately not all furniture pieces you’ve chosen to move should be dismantled – the ones that can go securely through all entryways, lobbies, corners and stairs along the leave course ought to stay as they are – appropriately gathered and sufficiently ensured with the correct sorts of pressing and cushioning materials.

To decide if a piece should be dismantled or not, measure the entryways and foyers, at that point measure the measurements (tallness, width, and length) of all the furniture things that must be moved. At long last, contrast the qualities with make sense of in case will undoubtedly have any fitting issues or not.

On the off chance that the estimations demonstrate that a portion of the bigger things won’t fit securely through any of the openings along the way, at that point you’ll need to dismantle those pieces, either mostly or totally.

What to do if furniture won’t fit through the entryway

Dismantling furniture with companions can be even sort of fun.

Stage 3. Approach a companion for help

You shouldn’t dismantle huge and overwhelming furniture without anyone else. The reason you shouldn’t attempt to pull it off totally without anyone else is that there are sure perils engaged with the procedure – some furniture dismantling steps require at any rate two sets of hands to be finished effectively (get, harm and damage free).

Additionally, you’ll need significantly more time to do everything independent from anyone else – valuable time you may not stand to lose.

Along these lines, ensure you approach an individual you can trust for help – they can be a relative, a companion, a neighbor or an associate. You’ll require at any rate one other individual to enable you to out yet in the event that you can get more assistants to enable you to dismantle your furniture before moving out, that will be far superior.

The most effective method to get companions to enable you to move

Stage 4. Discover the guidance manuals

Before you begin destroying your huge furniture pieces for simpler and more secure transportation, you’ll see it helpful to have their individual guidance manuals close by. That is particularly valid for the bigger things, for example, a china bureau, an armoire or a racking unit.

You might be certain that you’ll deal with the assignment without counseling the get together directions however some furniture things do should be dismantled in a quite certain request, so it’s in every case better to have the option to invigorate your memory during the furniture dismantling process.

In the event that you don’t keep a printed copy of the manuals, at that point a snappy web search should enable you to discover them on the web. On the off chance that despite everything you can’t discover them, have a go at reaching the biggest furniture stores in your town or city for help.

Be careful that by and large, furniture dismantling guidelines essentially mean furniture gathering directions pursued in reverse.

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Stage 5. Set up the right devices

To spare valuable time, you’re encouraged to secure in advance the right instruments for disassembling securely your massive furniture things.

Most furniture pieces you’ll have in your home will have been assembled with the assistance of screws, fasteners, and nuts. Contingent upon the kind of furniture, those screws, fasteners, and nuts will be diverse in size, so you’re going to need one complete arrangement of screwdrivers for expelling the screws and one lot of wrenches for evacuating the screws and nuts.

Additionally, a little sledge may prove to be useful when you’re dismantling your furniture for a move. Possibly, be cautious how and when you utilize this fundamental device since you can without much of a stretch harm your furniture pieces with it.

Now and again, you may require exceptional instruments for dismantling a few bits of your furnishings. Check those subtleties ahead of time (clue: counsel the guidance manuals) with the goal that you don’t lose additional time later.

Significant note: If a portion of your furniture things happen to be stuck or nailed together, at that point dismantling those pieces without anyone else is an ill-conceived notion. Note that some furniture movers will won’t enable you to dismantle nailed or stuck furniture because of the extremely high danger of harm.

What to do before movers arrive

Stage 6. Plan Ziploc sacks

Utilize resealable packs to shield all little securing components from getting lost.

Here’s another significant thing you ought to do before dismantling your cumbersome furniture for a move – setting up various sealable plastic sacks (Ziploc packs) for being careful every little part and securing components expelled from the furniture pieces.

During the furniture dismantling process, make sure to put all screws, screws, nuts, washers, dowels and other little latches into Ziploc packs with the goal that they don’t get lost or lost during the genuine move. At that point, name those fixed plastic packs and tape them cautiously to their comparing furniture piece.

What you would prefer not to happen is to touch base in your new home and discover that significant screws, fasteners or nuts have been lost or stirred up with other little affixing components. On the off chance that that situation happened, at that point you’d most likely lose a stunning measure of time to buy substitution clasp to have the option to assemble back the dismantled furniture things you’ve taken with you.

The least expensive approach to move furniture the nation over

The most effective method to dismantle furniture while moving: well ordered

Before you start to dismantle your furniture for moving, you need to know why you have to do it in any case. Ideally, when you understanding the purposes for the furniture dismantling work, you will almost certainly think of all the correct choices.

Enormous furniture pieces are not made to fit through little entryways, thin passages, and here and there staircases. Those enormous furniture things must be moved as discrete parts and afterward gathered inside their relating rooms, only the manner in which they were collected in your present home.

No ifs, ands or buts, the most ideal approach to move enormous furniture to another house is to dismantle it first. Along these lines, you’ll dispose of the danger of harming the floors, dividers and door jambs of the spot you’re leaving. Additionally, dismantled furniture things are lighter and simpler to bear so you won’t risk getting harmed all the while.

Things being what they are, how to dismantle furniture for a move?


Expel the bedding things from the bed and pack them independently.

Evacuate the bedding and spot it inside a particular sleeping cushion sack for the most ideal assurance.

  • TAKE OUT any drawers from the primary casing, at that point pack their substance independently.
  • UNSCREW the headboard from the fundamental casing.
  • UNSCREW the sideboards from the bed outline.
  • Dismantle the primary bed casing to the same number of independent components as you can. Counsel the bed get together headings in switch request.
  • Envelop by (furniture) covers all the enormous bed components that you’ve dismantled, including the drawers, assuming any.
  • Envelop by air pocket wrap all extra-delicate things, for instance – beautifying components.
  • Spot all little equipment pieces (fasteners, screws, nut, washers, and so on.) into Ziploc packs, at that point name those plastic sacks suitably.

Step by step instructions to pack and move a jumbo bed


Destroying your closet may test to be trickier than you suspected.

Void all drawers and cupboards and pack your garments. Additionally, take off all garments holders from the hanging rails and pack them up inside a cardboard box.

Expel the drawers from the independent furniture piece to make it lighter and simpler to move. Pack those drawers independently.

Evacuate all racks, if conceivable, from within the huge furniture piece.

Withdraw all glass components (glass entryways, glass racks, and so on.) from the principle casing utilizing the correct screwdriver. Envelop all glass components by pressing paper first, at that point in a thick defensive layer of air pocket wrap.

Evacuate all entryways of the massive furniture by unscrewing the pivots that hold them.

PACK all segregated furniture pieces in moving covers to guard them.

Spot all little equipment components (fasteners, nuts, screws, and so on.) into a sealable plastic pack.


Evacuate whatever is on your love seat – pads, covers, soft toys, and so on.

TAKE OUT the legs of the love seat. To do this, unscrew the tightens that hold them spot OR turn them hostile to clockwise to evacuate them securely.

Expel the armrests of the couch, if conceivable, to make more space for the furniture to go through all entryway openings.

Separate any components that can be evacuated securely. Counsel the guidance manual for subtleties.

KEEP all securing parts, metal and non-metal alike, in sealable plastic packs to forestall their misfortune.

Enclose the destroyed legs and armrests by furniture covers to guard them.


Void totally your china bureau. Try not to leave any fragile things inside it – china, dish sets, treasures, and so on.) in light of the fact that they won’t endure the move.

Expel any drawers from the china bureau, at that point pack them up independently.

Expel the glass entryways of your independent furniture unit. To do it, utilize a screwdriver and unscrew the screws that hold the entryway pivots.

TAKE OUT the glass racks, individually, actually cautiously and with no sudden developments. You may need to utilize different points to get those glass retires out of the china bureau.

SEPARATE the upper area and the lower one if there should arise an occurrence of a 2-piece china bureau. This will make the massive furniture a lot simpler to convey and move securely.

PACK the expelled glass components in pressing paper first, at that point in air pocket wrap. At long last, envelop them with thick furniture covers.

KEEP little attaching components into Ziploc sacks with the goal that they don’t get lost during the migration procedure.


Your desk is currently prepared to be dismantled for moving.

TAKE OUT all desk drawers to make the desk as lightweight as would be prudent. You can extend wrap those drawers with their substance inside to spare time.

Withdraw any separable plate – for instance, a console plate.

UNSCREW and expel any legs from the work area. Contingent upon the particular model, your work area may have long separable legs or no legs by any means.

Evacuate any glass components that your desk may have, including a glass top. Pack those glass things independently, first in pressing paper, at that point in air pocket wrap.

SEPARATE the two areas on the off chance that you’re moving a L-formed work area. Utilize a fitting screwdriver to expel the metal securing components that hold the two work area sections together.

Spot every little part in plastic sacks that seal well to abstain from getting them lost or lost.

Lounge area TABLE

Evacuate the glass top or marble top from your lounge area table. Pack those table tops cautiously in thick moving covers.

Remove the legs of the table – this is an essential minute. To do it appropriately, flip around the table, at that point unbolt or unscrew the legs to expel them securely. Pack the withdrew legs in air pocket wrap.

PUT the table sides down, at that point secure them with concealing tape when you’re moving a drop-side table.

Evacuate the additional focal point (expansion leaf) when you’re moving an extendable eating table. Pack that lounge area table expansion independently.

Spot all evacuated equipment components in a plastic pack and tape it to the underside of the table.

Pendulum CLOCK

On the off chance that you claim a pendulum clock, at that point there’s a decent possibility that you will choose to move it to the new home. Preferably, you’ll leave that sensitive errand to experienced movers basically in light of the fact that you don’t need your valuable thing to get any sort of harm during the home moving procedure.

Then again, on the off chance that you do feel certain that you’ll figure out how to move your pendulum clock independent from anyone else, at that point you should get acquainted with the nitty gritty strides of getting ready, dismantling, pressing and moving your prized ownership.

To dismantle a pendulum clock appropriately, pursue Steps 4-12 from our Guide to moving a pendulum clock.

Will movers dismantle furniture?

Most movers offer furniture dismantling and reassembly benefits.

The short answer is YES: the best furniture movers in the nation offer furniture dismantling administrations before the move, just as furniture reassembly benefits after the move is finished.

Proficient furniture dismantling and reassembly is an extra administration and accordingly, it will cost you extra. During the in-home study, you ought to illuminate your movers which furniture pieces you mean to move to the new home with the goal that they can decide if those pieces should be dismantled for transportation.

The expert furniture dismantling cost will rely upon a few variables. When you’re moving locally, nearby movers will charge you on an hourly rate – that is, the charge will be subject to the quantity of hours the professionals work to destroy your massive furniture things.

When you’re moving the nation over (long separation), your interstate movers should charge you a pre-characterized expense for that additional administration.

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