The steps you need to follow when you realize that your sofa needs disassembly to fit through the door

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2019)

Owning a sofa can be an enthralling experience with a new seating space decorating your household. The needs of comfort and utility are also checked with the buying of a new sofa. However, there are many times when you need to consider sofa disassembly because it would become impossible to install the piece of furniture inside your home otherwise.

During relocating or even during the event of buying an absolutely a new piece of sofa for your home, the size of the furniture might turn out to be larger than what you had expected. Therefore, it becomes impossible to carry the sofa inside your house owing to it being larger than the size of the door. Disassembly is the only plausible step at this moment, in order to ensure you can take the furniture that you had bought inside your living spaces and start enjoying its utility. Thoughts of dumping the old sofa that seems to be too large for your new place while relocating or buying a smaller sofa for your apartment might be some of the thoughts that might have gone through your head, during situations where you have realized that the furniture that you own or are about to own is too large to fit through your doorway or even get inside the lift of your building. During moments like these, disassembly is one choice which you can consider, and which will help in giving rest to your anxious thoughts about ‘how this piece of furniture would fit through my door?’

This article aims to shed some light into the steps you can take in order to try fit your sofa through the door and if none of that works it also sheds light on the things you should consider before taking the help of sofa disassembly experts.

Steps to take if your sofa is too large for your doorway

  • Measure your new room and the furniture- In order to have a fair idea about the furniture that you are taking into your new house, or before buying new furniture, a great step is to take measurements of the dimensions of your house and the furniture that you are planning to install there. In order to avoid a situation where your sofa does not fit through the doorway or is too large for your living spaces, taking prior measurements can be a life savior.
  • Try to fit the sofa in using different angles- Before deciding that you need to have your sofa take apart piece by piece, a helpful way would be to try getting the sofa in through your doorframe by trying out different angles. Many times you would find that it has become much easier to take the sofa inside if you just turned it around or vertical and then tried to enter it through your doorway.
  • Disassemble your furniture partially- In the case that all your efforts have gone to vain and your attempts at getting the sofa inside your house has failed miserably, try disassembling the sofa and stripping it down to the parts which are absolutely important. Most of the parts of a sofa like the handles or the legs can be removed by taking out screws or tugging on them. This might decrease the size of the sofa and help you with your problem.
  • Remove the door frame- In the case that your sofa doesn’t fit and you have tried out all of the above steps, the final and an ingenious solution to be honest would be of trying to remove the door frame and trying to get your sofa inside your living quarters. The frame of the door usually adds 1-2 inches extra and removing them can be a life saver. You can reinstall the door frame later and fix your door.

Things to consider before hiring sofa disassembly experts

In case all of these steps for fitting a sofa have failed and you are left with no other plausible step, the only step that remains is taking the help of a sofa disassembly service. A professional sofa disassembly service is well equipped to handle such situations and is also well trained in the different components that are the part of sofas. Moreover, if you are trying to take apart a sofa all by yourself chances are that you might take out something that is not supposed to be taken out and end up causing damages to your costly furniture. A professional knows what they are doing; they know exactly which things to take out and how, and would solve your problem of your sofa being too large for your doorway in the matter of minutes. However before choosing sofa disassembly experts, there are a few things that you need to consider. The things that you ought to consider have been stated below.

  • Try identifying the type of furniture that you have at hand- There is a lot of furniture that can be easily disassembled. Some of them are also DIY, meaning that you can do it all by yourself if you follow the user manual and disassembly guides properly. There are online videos and tutorials available for sofas of this kind. However, other types of sofas are more complicated and require the help of a professional in order to disassemble them. They comprise of tricky pieces that might get damaged if not taken apart properly. Therefore it is important to identify your furniture and seek the help of a professional depending on your needs.
  • Seek the help of professionals that are experts in the field- There are a lot of so called sofa disassembly experts out there in the world but not all of them are as good as they claim. Take the help of only those professionals who have a reputation for the services that they provide and who have a very high standard of professionalism. In order to verify who these professionals are, try looking at customer reviews and other related traits of the sofa disassembly provider and choose the best.

If you follow these steps, taking a large sized sofa through your doorway would be a problem of the past. Follow these steps and enjoy an unhindered experience of having your favorite sofa adorning your household.

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