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During the summer months, the intense heat and sunlight are complimentary factors that come with that beautiful blue sky on those warm summer days. As much as we enjoy the warm weather, it can be chaotic as sun damage can occur to your furniture, especially on that beautiful sofa that you got for Christmas. As the repercussion of the sun heat occurs, cracks and marks will become visible on your furniture. That beloved sofa becomes prone to fading, wear, and tear. Sooner or later, the beauty of the furniture will deteriorate. For this reason, it is very important to protect your furniture from the devastating claws of the sun’s heat.

Unfortunately, many tend to overlook the importance of protecting their furniture from sun damage. As ignorance is bliss, not knowing how to protect the quality of your home furnishing investments will cost you much more in the long run. Here, we will take a look at a couple of furniture restoration and sofa repair options that will help retain the visual appeal of your furniture. These tips will help you extend the life of that beautiful sofa that consist of that chestnut wood, covered in black leather and complimented with soft fabric pillows.



A major component of our home furnishing and décor consist of furniture made entirely or partially of wood. As the wood gets exposed to the sun, the sun can cause discoloration. The wood might fade or become dark. However, you can protect your furniture from the sun by applying a sealant to the wood. The sealant works as a UV blocker inhibiting the wood from direct exposure to UV rays.

While navigating the web, you will see many types of wood sealant that you can use for your furniture including but not limited to vanish, lacquer, shellac, polyurethane, wax, and oil finishes. Wood sealants are solvent based and can be easily applied using brushes. They offer a glossy finish and a long-lasting protection against sun damage to your cherished furniture. By applying wood sealant, your furniture will be well protected from environmental factors. Therefore, extending the life of your furniture and adding to the beauty of the wood.


An alternative way to protect your furniture from sunlight is by changing the position of the furniture away from direct sunlight. Since the sun enters our homes from openings such as windows, it is ideal to maintain any furniture away from exposure of direct sunlight. If changing the position of your furniture away from direct sunlight is not a possibility, rotating your furniture on a regular basis can be an alternative. In doing so, fading and discoloration will occur in stages, causing a more even and uniform discoloration throughout the entire piece.


It may not be pleasant or appealing to the eye to cover your furniture; however, it can be a great solution to avoid sunlight damage. There are many stylish protective covers that can match your decorative savor to ensure that the visual appeal is not sacrificed by protecting your furniture. Some covers are designed to be easily installed and uninstalled so the user can take them off when hosting visitors. Furthermore, a protective cover not only protects from sunlight, it also protects your furniture from dust, dirt, and spills.


Finally, you can tint your windows to minimize sunlight from entering your home. Tinting your windows will ensure that direct UV rays will not come in contact with your furniture.  If tinting your window seems too permanent you can opt for a more flexible solution. Use window blinds to block sunlight from entering your home.  Window blinds can be easily adjusted and can add style to any room.

In summary, there are many ways in which you can protect your furniture from sun damage. You’ve invested a lot in furnishing your home! Why not protect your investment to secure the highest return?

On a regular basis make sure to wipe your leather furniture. Vacuum the tucks to ensure that dust and dirt do not build up. Carefully, apply leather conditioner or wood sealant to help restore the gleam of your home finishing. These are incredible furniture restoration ideas that can help you save money in the long run.

However, if you notice that the fading has become really intense, it may be time for you to consider professional furniture restoration or furniture repair services. Get in touch with us today! We are always ready to help and revive the hope within our customers.

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